Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Why women's hockey is full of WIN right now

With the winter Olympics happening right now, we get to actually see women's hockey games being broadcast on network television at a reasonable time. And, with the NHL sitting out of this one (and the men's team USA off to a rough start), the real competition to watch is going to be the women's team vs. Canada. They already defeated Finland, and crushed the OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia), so their only true rival is Canada. It should be a thrilling game.

One of the most exciting moments so far is when team USA player, Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, made Olympic history by scoring two goals in six seconds against OAR.
Seriously, check out that second goal - with a misdirection/fake, and a backhand - that was SICK. I am reminded of Sydney Crosby, who happens to be the best hockey player in the world right now.

...but I always knew this about women's hockey. It's every bit as technical, and full of finesse compared to the male counterpart. Female players are demonstrating an extraordinary level of skill these days. For example, remember that one time, at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition, where Hilary Knight showed us how she could hit five targets in <14 seconds? That would have placed her third among the men. Brian Boyle was even intimidated to follow her.

I'm not saying women's hockey is better than men's - I LOVE watching men's hockey! But women's hockey is super-fun to watch, too, and I can't get enough of it.

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