Wednesday, November 22, 2017

It's a great night for hockey!

15 games on tonight! Chances are, your team is playing on this eve before Thanksgiving (USA), unless your are a Blues fan, in which case, St. Louis is the only NHL team not on tonight.

So, why is that significant (besides the fact that it's a lot of games in one day)?

NHL history shows if you're not in position by Thanksgiving, you may go hungry at playoff time

It might seem early in the season to make playoff predictions, but at this point, division leaders have established themselves, and the wildcard contenders continue to battle it out. For the bottom teams, it is unlikely, if not mathematically impossible, for them to make the playoffs. However, there is a chance that we might see some movement in the standings after today, and the question is, "Which game to watch?"

I am personally attending the Canucks vs Penguins game tonight, which is worth watching just to see the reigning champs in action, but if there was another pivotal game happening tonight, it might be Blackhawks vs. Lightning. The Blackhawks have the most at stake as they need the win if they want a chance at a wildcard position. The Sharks are close on their heels, but they might not be that much of threat if they can't keep it together and get their win tonight, too. If the Penguins beat the Canucks tonight, that will also help the Blackhawks. The Lightning have a solid lead in their division, so if they lose tonight, it's not as much of a big deal. So, today is very important for the Blackhawks. Otherwise, don't expect much of a change in standings.

There aren't any NHL games scheduled for Thursday this week (Thanksgiving Day), but Black Friday is another full day with 14 games on the schedule, starting at 1 pm ET with Pittsburgh vs Boston (2017 Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown). It will be interesting to see what the standings look like after this week!

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