Friday, November 10, 2017

Hockey Fights Cancer: An update on Blues fan Arianna

I'm sorry in advance that this post is sad...

You may remember seeing stories last season about a little girl with cancer from St. Louis named Arianna. She is a HUGE fan of Vladimir Tarasenko and the Blues, and had the opportunity not only to meet her hero Vladi and his teammates... she and her mom traveled with the team on a 2 game road trip (through an auction item purchased by Tarasenko and his wife) and she was given the royal treatment by the entire team. She seemed to win over the heart of every person around her.

Well, I was looking around for updates about her tonight and I'm heartbroken to say that Ari is not doing well and her fight with cancer is nearing the end. I found the Facebook page kept by her family ("Fight Like Arianna") and they shared that her lungs are failing and all that can be done now is to keep her comfortable. And if that didn't make me cry enough, there are pictures taken within the last couple of days of Ari and her visitors, and two of the people who have spent time with her this week are her hero Vladi Tarasenko and his wife. I know this little girl made an impact on them and I'm so glad they were able to spend time with her.

If you have a chance, please send a positive thought or prayer up for her and her family and for all of the people who love her... Thank you -

#FightLikeArianna #HockeyFightsCancer #CancerSucks

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