Tuesday, September 19, 2017

One hockey fan's opinion: why preseason is the most wonderful time of the year!

If you have seen anything I have posted on Facebook or Twitter, you can probably figure out what jersey colors this hockey fan wears when things get serious.

But for now, October is still right around the corner and I am loving the news about preseason activities from every team in the NHL. As a fan of hockey, I think this is the best time of the year! The reason why is really as simple as the idea of possibilities.

We all know what happened last year... who won, who lost, who took home the Stanley Cup and all of the other trophies. We know who got traded and drafted and who is still waiting for a call (seriously, someone needs to pick up Jagr!). But that was last season and no one knows how the new season is really going to unfold.

We can all make predictions about how teams will perform based on who is or isn't on the team, the kind of stats those players put up in the past, or who those players will be on a line with, but none of us have an icy crystal ball to tell us what comes next!

Wherever your team ended in last season's standings, it is thankfully a new year! It's time to get excited and hopeful that this will be THE year for your favorite team! It's time to dust off the jerseys and get ready to cheer for the teams and players we love! It's time to get fired up for the matches against the rivals we love to hate! It's time to watch a few preseason games and marvel at the talented young players who are trying to earn their spots in the NHL! It's time to draft those fantasy league teams and gear up for the next best time of year!

But for the next couple weeks, ENJOY the anticipation of the first puck drop, the first goal, the first fight... and know that you are a fan of the greatest sport!
By Dinur via Flickr [CC 2.0]

See you at center ice!

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