Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Five things to know about the IIHF World Championship 2017

In case your eyes were glued to the NHL playoffs, and you didn't notice, the IIHF just wrapped another World Championship in Cologne, Germany. Some of our favorite NHL players even participated (since their teams either didn't go to or were eliminated from the NHL playoffs). Here are five things to know from this year's mens tournament.

1. Sweden won. They defeated Canada in a shootout. Here is a recap, and here's the highlight reel:

2. Even though Sweden won this year, Canada is still ranked #1 in the IIHF. The rankings are based on the past four years, so Russia is #2, and Sweden moves up from fifth to third-place with this win. That bumps Finland down to #4 and USA down to #5.

3. Rookie Swedish forward, William Nylander, was named tournament MVP. He had seven goals and seven assists in 10 games.

That was quite a celly!

4. Henrik Lundqvist has a twin brother named Joel, and they both got to share in gold-medal glory for playing on the Swedish team. The brothers have not played for the same team in 12 years. According to the New York Times, Joel, who is a forward for the SHL team, Frolunda, reached out to Henrik about playing for the Swedish national team after the Rangers were eliminated from the NHL playoffs.

5. There was a huge celebration in Stockholm (probably still going on) for the Swedish team. They even got shiny gold helmets.

Bonus: Gabriel Landeskog apparently jumped into a hot tub in full gear after the game.


  1. I landed on your post and though of this as just another sports blog post. I am not interested in any kind of sports but your blog post looks very nice.

  2. Congratulations to the sweden for winning the match. Yeah i have never seen these games before. But this video is very interesting.I love cricket actually.