Sunday, June 19, 2016

Marc-Andre Fleury Trade?

If you haven't heard the rumors about a possible trade with Marc-Andre Fleury,  you probably missed the whole season and the playoffs? and the final as well?

My best guess is that he will get traded.  He will wave his no limited no movement clause and ask for a trade.  It is also no secret that the Flames are making an offer.  So how would that work?

The most obvious trade is Marc-Andre Fleury for Dennis Wideman.  Even trade....
How would that benefit both teams?  The Flames would get an elite goalie fixing the biggest issue they are currently facing.  The Penguins would get a top 4 pairing defense men.  Marc-Andre Fleury's current contract is reported to go until the end of the 2018//2019 season.  At which point he would then be UFA.  Dennis Wideman's contract is reported to be 5.25 mil and is UFA July 1st.  He would be a great addition for the Penguins defense.

IF this trade were to happen.  The Penguins top 4 would be Letang, Matta and Daley as the other three in they top 4.  All elite players in my opinion.

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