Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to fix the Capitals?

Three posts in one day from me, I know, wtf? But anyway, we were discussing this conundrum in that car on the way to dinner, and I wanted to capture our thoughts (while I keep one eye on the Stars, Blues second round game 7).

Three observations:

- Orpik screwed up big time. His three game suspension hurt them, along with the other penalties he took when he was in game.

- Many players produced, but not quite enough. Looking at you, Ovie. For a guy that scores 50 goals in regular season, I would expect more. And Backstrom.

- Holtby is a great goalie. He only suffered from not having enough defensive support (see my first point about Orpik). They can use some help there.

How to fix that? Get rid of Orpik. Keep Holtby, and Oshie. Light a fire under Ovie, or Backstrom.

Honorable mention: Beagle. For a fourth line center, he's solid.

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