Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 Draft Predictions

Now that the 2016 draft results are in, its time for make some predictions.  I am only going to pick the top three. 

First IF you didn't hear the Oilers got #4.  Here is my 2 cents.  They should try to get a defense men with this or trade the draft pick towards a veteran D man.

The Maple Leafs will pick Auston Matthews.   No surprise there.  I must admit that I wish the Coyotes would have won just so they could get the home town kid. 

Jets will pick Patrik Laine.  Again nothing shocking there.

The Blue Jackets will pick Jesse Puljujarvi.  Personally I am more interested in this then any of the other players in the draft this year.

So its likely that the three of them will end up playing on those teams.  But it is entirely possible that they may be traded.  One notable example. Tuukka Rask was drafted by the Maple Leafs.  Never played a regular season game and then was traded to the Bruins.  So hopefully the Maple Leafs will not make that mistake again and retain Auston Matthews.

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