Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oilers busy before trade deadline

As expected the Oilers started clearing house.  I think Peter Chiarelli  did a great job on these trades.  All of the trades bring value to the Oilers.  In my opion the Oilers get the edge on all of these trades.  Even if it is only small it is still noteworthy.

First, no surprise Teddy Purcell to the Panthers.  In exchange they receive a 2016 3rd-round pick.  The upside to the Oilers.  Purcell goes UFA at the end of the season.  They got a draft pick out of it, instead of nothing in the off season.

Justin Schultz to the Penguins for a 2016 3rd-round pick.  I feel the Oilers got the edge albeit only slightly.  He was under preforming.  Jim Rutherford "change of scenery good for Schultz." With Lovejoy out with a "long term" injury this will help fill the gap on the blue line.

Goalie for goalie. Oilers trade  Anders Nilsson to the Blues for  Niklas Lundstrom and a 2016 5th round pick.  With Brian Elliott out with an injury, the Blues need to have an additional goalie in the line up.  An even trade, but add the 5th round draft pick and Oilers again get a slight edge on this trade.

Now to be clear I don't think these are land slide victories.  But each little bit could help the Oilers. 

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