Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Frederick Andersen - A Likely Trade Option from the Ducks

Frederik Andersen is currently sharing lead goalie responsibilities for the Anaheim Ducks with John Gibson.  Andersen was originally drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes back in 2010, but was never able to come to terms with them, so never played a single game there.  He was then drafted in 2012 by the Anaheim Ducks as a third round pick.  As it stands now his save percentage for the season is at .91 with 32 games in net and he ended last season at .914 with 54 games in the regular season. He played 16 playoff games last season with a record of 11 wins and 5 losses and a save percentage of .913.  He is obviously a very solid goalie looking for a spot on a team where he can have the lead goalie position full time, and he has earned it.

Andersen goes RFA in July of this year, making it and optimum time to start shopping for a trade.  Right now his salary is ridiculously low at $1.15 million, so it is quite obvious that he would be looking for a significant raise, likely in the neighborhood of $3 million to $3.5 million probably with a 1 to 3 year contract.  I don't see him being interested in  a trade as a rental player.  This being said I find it unlikely that we will see him traded prior to the 2/29 trade deadline.  I believe it is far more likely that we will see a trade happen in the off season, possibly fairly early on.

Right now one of the teams most desperate to land a front line goalie is the Calgary Flames.  Thier two main net minders are Jonas Hiller and Karri Romo, who both go UFA at the end of this season.  Romo suffered a catastrophic knee injury earlier this month and will be out a minimum of 6 to 8 months with a torn ACL and damaged meniscus.  As things stand right now the Flames have $3,770,433 available in cap space.  IF they were to decided not to re-sign Romo that would free up an additional $3,800,000 or Hiller an additional $4,500,000.  They definitely have the funds to offer Andersen a short to mid range contract for considerably more than the $1.15 million  he is making with the Ducks right now.

The Flames have been discussing the possibility of acquiring Frederik Andersen since at least early December 2015.  The problem right now is that the Flames do not have anyone that they are willing to offer who Anaheim needs to beef up their offence.  As such they would probably need to offer up a first round draft pick and a player or players whom the Ducks could then trade elsewhere to get the offencive strength and depth they are needing.  The other option would be a multi team trade.  The Sportster suggested an interesting option in December.  It would involve the Ducks trading Frederik Andersen to the Calgary Flames and a 2017 1st round draft pick to the Boston Bruins, then the Flames trade Kris Russell to the Bruins and a 2017 3rd round draft pick to the Ducks, finally the Bruins trade Loui Eriksson to the Ducks.  As the Bruins have not yet come to terms on a contract extension for Eriksson this option may be viable.  It would offer each of the teams involved something they want either in the form of a needed player or an added early draft pick.

The question is would Calgary be willing to give up the first round draft pick for Andersen.  I think they should since it is not likely that they would get a goalie of Andersen's ability and experience in the first round anyway.  Additionally we ask who of value do they have to offer up for trade.  For offence they two strongest players are Johnny Gaudreau, of course, and Sean Monahan, but they have been trying to rebuild the team around them so they would not be viable options for trade.  Jiri Hudler goes UFA next season so he might be possible, but if they lose him they would want to keep Michael Frolic.  For defensive players Mark Giordano and T.J. Brodie are their top pair and they would also likely want to protect Dougie Hamilton.  For the opportunity to get Andersen I think pretty much everyone else is fair game including any upcoming players from their AHL affiliate the Stockton Heat. The best option there might be Hunter Shinkaruk who they recently acquired from the Utica Commets.

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