Thursday, February 25, 2016

A look at Scott Wislon

Who is Scott Wilson?  Glad you asked...

Scott Wilson #23 is a Pittsburgh Penguin.  He seems to have come out of nowhere.   So far this season he has played in 16 games.  The last 4 have been great!

So lets focus on these last 4 games.  He has 3 goals and 1 fight!  He has an average of 11.01 time on ice.  A +/- of 1.  He is 23 and shoots left.  One of the goals was a game winner against Buffalo.  The fight was great for his first dance in the NHL.  It was against Landon Ferraro of the Boston Bruins.  It wasn't the most decisive fight I've seen.  He has my vote on who won.

He spent time on the Georgetown Raiders OJHL.  Then moved on to U. Mass-Lowell.  In the AHL baby Penguins, he has been solid.

Can he keep it up ?  If the last 4 games are any indications of his future.  He will be a solid performer.  

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